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turtle55   in reply to littlelacie
thank you anyway.
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littlelacie   in reply to turtle55
Hi, we do not know resources outside the US,sorry.
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turtle55   in reply to littlelacie
Do you know any websites with this kind of information on an international level? I am interested in Europe. Thank you.
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littlelacie   in reply to Avon Rose
Hi, you can get on internet, type in needhelppayingbills, then your city,county,state. You will then see a list of resources in your area that may be able to help.
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Avon Rose
I please need help with my rent. I am 5 months behind (R15 000-00), and I do not know where to turn to. I have a half day work and trying to do some more work. I got a lot of bills and am struggling to get maintenance money out of my ex husband for my children. Please if you can assist me I will be so grateful.

Avon Rose
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